Naturopathe certifiée à Beaumont Spa près d'Agde


Circuit Training courses are complete (work from top to bottom of the body). Several cardio activities with or without machines to lose weight more easily.

Beaumont Spa Fitness

  • Body sculpt :
    Body sculpt courses, with or without accessories allows focusing on all muscles (muscle reinforcement).
  • Slimming Circuit:
    Work on the overall silhouette through a circuit alternating different vascular cardio exercises and strength training. It taps into fat.
  • Pilates:
    Sculpts and refines the silhouette by working deep muscles (recommended for pregnant women). Pilates is a soft gym method.
  • Aquagym:
    Tones the muscles up smoothly thanks to the resistance of water (accessories may be added).
  • Aquabike:
    Develops cardiovascular capacity, muscles, shapes and makes legs slimmer.
  • Prenatal swimming:
    Works on breathing and relaxation for all the muscles of your body.

50 min: €15
Quarterly subscription 12 sessions: €150

Yoga 50 min: €10
Quarterly subscription 12 sessions: €100