Body care, countrouring and scrubs near Agde

Esthetic & wellness care

Rejuvenate your body with a personalized care program: facial and body massages with French Bio cosmetics.

Clé des Champs® Care

Inspired by the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine and offers season care adapted to your Biorhythm and your skin.

Body contouring with essential oils

Rose and Pepper®

Facial scrub

Discover season cares, inspired by the French art of living around the vineyard, perfumery and gastronomy.
This range of natural and gourmet cosmetics offers wine therapy products from 100% organic certified Ecocert and Cosmébio natural extracts.

Facial care treatments:

  • Discovery: (30 min) €45
    All skin types.
  • Organic Four seasons: (1 hour) €75
    Personalized care, energizing.
  • Haute couture of Beaumont: (1.5 hour) €100
    Unique and innovative care. Mature and stressed skin.
  • Zen for men: (1 hour) €70
    Relaxing and stimulating care.
steam bath detox session

Massages and body care

Modelages et Soins de Corps
  • Discovery: (30min) €45
    Choice of Body scrub or Massage.
  • Journey to the heart of the vineyard: (45 min) €70
    Energizing massage with vine flower oil.
  • Organic Four seasons: (1 hour) €85
    Relaxing massage in the Asian traditions.
  • Haute couture of Beaumont : (1.5 hour) €100
    Care for mature skin, exfoliation or wrap and relaxing massage.

Beauty of hands and feet

  • Manicure: simple (20min) €20
    Nail file, cuticles, Nail Polish application.
  • Pedicure: simple (30min) €30
    Nail file, cuticles, Nail Polish application.
  • Complete hand care: (1 hour) €50
    Exfoliating scrub, nail beauty, massage, nail polish application.
  • Complete foot care: (1 hour) €60
    Exfoliating Scrub, foot beauty, massage, nail polish.
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Modelage à l'Aloe Vera


  • Eyebrows or lips or Chin €9
  • Facial - package : 22€
  • Underarm 12€
  • 1/2 arms 13€
  • Classic bikini wax €15
  • 1/2 leg, complete arms or thighs €16
  • Thong wax €19
  • Hollywood wax €25
  • Full legs €25
  • Body - Package (full legs, classic bikini wax and armpits) €45


  • Armpits €15
  • Back €22
  • Chest €25
  • Legs €30